• First and foremost, we believe that the manner in which the grapes are grown and how the land is farmed is the primary factor in making a wine with vitality.
  • We seek to represent and distribute wines from small-producers, made with minimal intervention, that are exuberant in what might be considered “imperfections” by the chemistry-set wine-making world — wines that have not been “corrected.”
  • We don’t subscribe to the whole point system of rating wine, nor does the notion of a “proper” wine style interest us.
  • We celebrate wines that are unapologetic for being rustic –  because, more often than not, here is where the wines express their vitality! In addition to the strong connection to terroir, these wines show the unique fingerprint of the winemaker.
  • Living in modern times give us less and less a chance at experiencing nature in an unmediated fashion. The wines we seek are strongly bound to a time and place.
  • Please realize, making a “natural” wine is no excuse to making an unpleasant wine — there are times when a flaw is indeed a FLAW, and an imperfection is intolerable — but these criteria should not be set by any wine magazine, DOC, AOC, or wine critic.